Heaven is here!

I promise I will cut down on using the phrase ‘in Amsterdam’ but I’m telling you that God taught me so much there and I just got to get it out there so you can understand a little of what I experienced and so you can crave God more. However, after a recent conversation with a friend (from Amsterdam) we learnt that God isn’t just the God who works in Amsterdam but he’s multi-cultural.

Anyway, the thing that I have noticed since being back is people’s lifestyles in realising that heaven is on earth. I don’t think people really realise it but once you give your life to Jesus. You completely change. Not just in the way that you think (Romans 12:2) but also everything you do shifts. You died to your old life, and you rose to life with Jesus Christ in a new body, a new way of living. Maybe you can agree, or maybe you are feeling a little confused.

Today I listened to a podcast which was very good, the thing the speaker said that stuck with me most was that Jesus didn’t die to make bad people good but instead he came to bring the dead to life. Don’t you realise that Jesus is your everything and without him you are nothing? Without him we are dead. We need to completely give ourselves to God in order to live out the life that he planned for us. That means giving up out own desires and pleasures. See it’s not just doing a couple of good deeds and going to church on a Sunday. Don’t be like the seed that falls on the rocky ground. Don’t just commit half of your life to God. Give him everything, like he has done for you! When it says ‘Do not lean on your own understanding’ What do you think that means? That you can live however you want? That you can prayer in the morning for good health and strength though the day and the go out during the night and burn yourself out? No that is defiantly leaning on your own understanding. Don’t you get it? If you aren’t completely leaning on him, in other words trusting in him, then are you really believing that he is who he says he is. He is a miracle worker.

Something that I did learn though was that Jesus gives his spirit for us to follow and know what is right and wrong and what to do during the day. We just have to ask, and he will show us the way and even if we don’t hear straight away or really know during the moment, he won’t cause bad things to happen to you. Wherever you choose to go. Jesus will be going with you. He won’t say to you because you choose to go to Africa instead of Greenland ‘oh I’m leaving now, you can do it on you own’.  No, he is your faithful father and he will always be with you because he loves you.

Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. Galatians 5:25

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