Similarly, to my previous blog ‘Don’t let your mind corrupt you’ our perception on people should change drastically when believing in God. Of course, if you were able to love and see others before then you should carry on doing so, if not more when knowing Christ. However, if you were very different to how you are now, and things were more difficult for you to see people as daughters and sons of Christ then now it will be a different picture for you (theoretically).

Anyway, life is difficult, and we aren’t perfect, neither is our perception about other people. If you are anything like me, you still find it difficult to see people as sons and daughters of the King. To put it straighter, let me share a small story.

A couple of days ago I went to the bar and I got talking to a group of guys that looked like they were hipster druggies. (even from this thought I was judging them). As I started to chat with one of them I was inviting God into our conversation, from the way he acted and the way he dressed I was praying for him to open up a conversation about God. I started to feel slightly ashamed and I knew I wanted to share Christ but I didn’t know how. As our convo got deeper I thought I had to make my story sound super dramatic in order for him to understand even a small part of who God is or what I was saying.

We should NEVER underestimate God. He uses our stories just as they are for his glory and we don’t need to do anything to them. We shouldn’t put pressure on ourselves to bring people to Christ. That is why Christ left his spirit. That’s his job. We are only to be used. God doesn’t ask us to change for that, He changes us.

I found out that he was born in a Christian home and studied philosophy but hadn’t yet made the decision to follow God himself. Knowing this I walked home feeling bad that I had to be fake, I felt horrible for judging him. We don’t know anyone and shouldn’t judge them for the way they look or act. Just start a conversation, be honest and you never know what will come from it. God is faithful, he is the one we put our trust in.

If we are Living our lives focused on Christ, surely we are saying that we want to live like him? Living his reflection out should show that we are loving and seeing people the way that he sees them. This doesn’t include prejudgments but rather prelovements. Pre-loving them and showing more love and care. It can be easy to see others weird or strange because they are different. What about turning our frowns upside down. Similarly turning our motives inside out. Asking ourselves questions like ‘Why do we see this person like this?’ ‘What is stopping you from showing a splinter of Jesus’s love to those who are different?’

I hope that this blog has encouraged you to think more about the things in your heart that you may have towards others. Or how you can draw closer to God to inspire others to do the same.

Blessings – Jess

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