A short encounter but big revelation.

During my time in Macedonia, God confronted me again and again why I was there. So often it was easy for me to at first glance see people as my mission and my goal. But during many ministry times and self-reflections God has reminded me that I am not here to religiously preach the gospel- even the Pharisees could do that.

During a not so serious visit to the hospital, Dian and myself found ourselves chatting to a woman in a supermarket after he casually said “Jesus loves you”. We must have been in there for a good 40 minutes sharing how much the Father sees and cares for her and she also felt comfortable enough to share her heart and pain with us. With this we were able to speak truth over her and pray with her. During this moment I realised once again that the gospel isn’t about scriptural talking but about holistically loving.

One thought on “A short encounter but big revelation.

  1. Elizabeth

    Thank you Jess; I was really blessed reading through all the tabs, ‘Show me’, Why me?’ and ‘Jessica Hunter’; really encouraging and your words ministered to my soul. Blessings to you always x


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