Hi I’m Jess

Picture taken in Amsterdam; introducing the new community member.

I’m a 20 year old from a City called Plymouth on the South West coast of England. I’m not quite a student, instead my passion is Jesus and sharing him with people! I spent the past 6 months working in a hostel in Amsterdam with the same focus which was great! Before that I went to a mission focused College in North London where I learnt a thing or two about how to reach people and share Jesus. And before that… Well I guess there isn’t really a before that. My Christian Journey started around then, when I took a trip to Uganda in Africa. But don’t worry you will hear all about me and how God has shaped me and whats been happening.

The aim of my blog is that you might find yourself getting inspired by the stories I tell and you grab on to the hope that carries me through!

Hopefully I’ll be refreshing this page a couple times a week during this time of corona. But when we get out I’ll be adding to it once a week so still quite a lot for you to be encouraged by (hopefully).

Sex before marriage

Before writing this, I thought that I will just cover some of my thoughts; finishing it I realise that there is so much more. I’ve taken some thoughts from others and added them to my opinion. Let me be clear that God doesn’t set rules to punish us. He doesn’t feel good every time we …

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Remember God’s promises

It’s normal to lose track, lose track of time, life and Jesus. Everybody goes off the track at some point in their lives, but the important thing is to find the path again and give thanks to God. Even when we are falling short of the glory of God, we can recognise it, although sometimes …

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Similarly, to my previous blog ‘Don’t let your mind corrupt you’ our perception on people should change drastically when believing in God. Of course, if you were able to love and see others before then you should carry on doing so, if not more when knowing Christ. However, if you were very different to how …

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