Jessica Hunter

I’m a Christian enthusiast, passionate about sharing the word of God in effective and holistic ways. This blog is to encourage and share real stories to inspire and challenge others. The Gospel is for everyone and continues to transform lives every day, including mine!

Jesus said that praying and worshipping him isn’t a time to get your circus act together for those around you to clap their hands and bow theirs knees. But rather for you to go into your room, close the door and share your most inner thoughts with your Father in heaven who loves you. (Matthew 6:5-6) The Gospel isn’t for you to tick off check lists of chores but to receive overwhelming, infinite, profound love. To receive isn’t for you to do, but for you to sit at the feet of Jesus completely in awe of who he is and who you are… A child of God!

Jesus’ humility and sacrifice gave us new life and quite often we take that for granted. I hope to inspire you to stay on the track, not to give up and realise that there is so much more.

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