Is God involved?

We sing the songs that Jesus is the mover of mountains that He can move our deepest and darkest sorrows and situations, but do we truthfully live that way and believe that He is also the mover of our insignificant and smallest problems?

Anxiety creeps up and we are so quick to doubt and turn to this world for answers of our everyday problems. We forget who the God we serve is and why He came.

‘Am I going to make it?’ ‘How will I pay my house bills?’ ‘My car is broken down will I make it home?’ ‘Oh no I’ve lost my favourite t-shirt.’ ‘

Even if they aren’t questions, maybe they are little hurdles that come our way. We don’t think our problems matter to the God that moves mountains. But are we not in a relationship with Him?

When a spouse has the tiniest problem, do you not think they tell their partner? ‘I’ve got my hair stuck in my zip; can you help?’ ‘My car is unable to start, can I take yours?’ Do you think that in every situation the one who has the problem is also their own problem solver? Or is it that when one of them has a problem they come together and try to find a solution. In the same way God wants us to come into communion with Him so that if we get stuck in any ditches along the road, He can be our helping hand.

One week ago, I was lying in bed with fever, cough, sore throat and unfortunately the absence of my taste and smell. I was repeatedly asking myself ‘how on earth I will be able to travel next week. How will I get better?’ Therefore, with those questions I tried very hard to find the answers, in doing so I tried every home remedy on google to somehow get rid of my symptoms. None of which worked by the way. The phrase ‘how on earth’ is significant here because no miracle or healing will happen on earth alone. We need the invasion of God’s power to take His rightful place and do what only He can; to do so we ought to communicate. Now one week later it is day 2/5 of my isolation in the Netherlands ready to open the next chapter of my life symptom free.

Remember: God never promised us that our lives will be hurdle free. However, He did promise us the Holy Spirit to be an advocate ALWAYS. He promised us freedom from worry and anxiety but to receive that light load we MUST give him our heavy load. However heavy or light you think it is, if it is weighing you down even by a little bit, give it to Him. I promise you with my whole heart that as you do, you will receive full abundance and blessings in ways you will have never ever had expected nor thought.

One thought on “Is God involved?

  1. Elizabeth

    Amen! I for one needed reminding of this today, thanks Jess 🙂 Excited to see God’s transforming power working in and through you as you begin another chapter in your journey. Missing you already but trusting the One who has you in the palm of His hand xxx

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