Show me.

Some days I feel close, others not so much

Show me what it looks like to live in the house of the Lord forever.

I know you didn’t say it’ll be easy, but you did promise me peace.

Thank you for your faithfulness.

Thank you for being my shelter when the storms of life are surrounding me.

You are greater than I can ever imagine.

Your love does endure forever, how can this be?

You never stop working, not only when I can’t see it but also when I don’t believe it.

I’m in awe of who you are.

Thank you for not pointing your finger at me in anger.

I don’t deserve you.

You come to me in the middle of the night with a tender whisper of grace.

You lead me to places of peace and harmony.

You don’t shout, nor do you despise.

No, your motive is love. It’s always been and always will be.

Thank you for saving me and showing me another way.

You are who you say you are.

Thanks for giving me a new name.

Show me how to live with my new identity.

I need you not just once and for all. but I need you every day.

My breath is yours.

I want to be fuelled on you alone.

Show me what this means?

Show me how to live.

Show me what I cannot see.

Show me.