Why me God?

I can be so depressed.

I get so inwardly focused.. focused on my problems, focused on my guilt, my shame and how I can change.

But Jesus you call my name.

 “Beautifully, wonderfully made. You are worth it!”

How can it be? How can I be perfect without doing anything? How can I be washed by just resting and being? Is it true? Am I dreaming?

How can you love me like that? I am just a sinner and I don’t deserve your love or your heart or your faithfulness.

When I mess up, my first thought can be ‘where were you God?’ ‘How can you let this happen?’

I am so sorry…

                          How can I repay you? What can I do?

You hung on a cross to die for an infinite amount of people and yet I as one can’t even be faithful for a day…

This just shows how great my sin really is and how much greater your love is.

I’m so in awe of who you are, it crazy mind blows me that you love me? How can that be? That your love is constant and you are so generous….              


A question I will forever ask…. Why me God? Why this world? Why and how are you so amazing and so great? I love you Jesus and I want rest and seek you, help me Jesus. Because I do need you. The only way I can repay you is by living for you.

So help me to do just that!