Trust beyond reason

We live in a world where we must have an explanation and reason for everything. “But why do you want to study science?” “Why do you want to live there?”

Jesus challenges us to trust him when we can’t fully comprehend why or what he’s asking us to do. The mindset of Christ is so different to ours at times. We want confidence and clarification; we want to know the plan and have it written out. Jesus wants us to trust him. Most of the time we won’t know where we are going when we set sail, we are confronted to trust that God knows where He is leading us.

“Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding!”

Our own understanding can be so deceiving and misleading. We are all born into a culture, a family, a society where there are hidden, unspoken rules. Jesus challenges us to live, not following these but following him. Are you willing to trust and obey God even if it means going against these rules?

The law mentioned in the Old Testament is in place to keep our focus on God. Rules are good, they can keep our focus on what is good, they can indeed keep us away from sin and death.

However, sometimes we can get so fixed and focused on the rules that they become our reasoning. “I go to university because I have to” “I am a scientist because I studied science” “I read my bible every day because I need to”

Jesus goes completely against social and culture rules for the sake of love; He heals people on the Sabbath, He ate with prostitutes and the socially marginalised, He disobeyed the Jewish purity restrictions by having contact with lepers and ultimately, he was willingly, for the sake of God’s will to be executed for sins that he didn’t even commit. He did and still does things without human reason and explanation. Can you say the same? Or do you want a reason to do something?

We can so easily put our trust and security in everything else but the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes the Spirit will prompt us to do something radically different and crazy and he wants us to trust and obey him even when we cannot understand why. It can be easy to sing songs about trusting without seeing. But what to do when it becomes our reality? What to do when God tells us randomly to learn Spanish without any context or reasoning? Or spontaneously buy flowers for the neighbour. What about if you feel like you should buy coffee for someone standing behind you in the queue? These are just a few of the simple examples of trusting beyond reason but there are many, many more that God will invite us into every day.

Do you have the courage to trust even when it seems ridiculous?

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