Who’s in control?

Something that fascinates me is that we can’t control our lives. So many times we try to, or we think we can. But when natural disasters happen, we can’t control our lives then.

When we don’t believe there is a God, or even when we do and we put ourselves above him, saying that ‘I don’t need someone to control me or to be higher than I because I’m better’ or ‘I’m in control of my life’

See I realize that in my own life when I start to put myself as the king of my life, I start to compare myself with others, I start to compete, I begin to get aggressive and have anxiety. I start to have self-problems which I wouldn’t share with others because A) they won’t be able to help me anyway B) Everyone has their own problems

See- I start to put myself down, I lose my confidence and I start to focus my time on myself and how I can make myself happy. Some of you might be asking yourselves ‘Well that isn’t a problem. It is good to focus on yourself and your own happiness’

I disagree, Like I’ve said- when we focus on ourselves we begin to get aggressive, or we find we have confident issues or trust issues or mental health or other self problems ‘everyone has problems’ see maybe you don’t notice it as much because it’s who you are and it’s never been different.

I can challenge you by shifting your attention off yourself and onto God. Then these problems will begin to fade. There’s a good song called ‘Let you go’- Will Regan one of the lyrics is ‘Help me let you go, help me give up control of the God I’ve made you, when my fear has contained you.’

When we are so inwardly focused, we are only trying to look for happiness and we are tackling to find it, sometimes we think we’ve hit the jackpot but then the money starts to run out and we begin to get sad again. And what we tend to do is punish ourselves for the problems we have. Because after all if you aren’t happy then it is your own problem.

But believe me- not everything is your fault so don’t be too hard on yourself.

It is mind blowing and maybe you don’t really believe that when you start to even look for God that he can fulfill even some of your needs or takeaway some of your pain.

Before I came to know any of this was possible and actually believing there was a God I had a few self-confident and acceptant issues. I used to blame myself when people didn’t like who I was and I would always try to do my best for them to but when they didn’t I used to sit in my room and become upset. As much as my real friends and I would gossip about them and say that it wasn’t our fault it didn’t stop me from over thinking deep down.

This is just one example of an underlying ‘issue’ I had.

And all I did was shift my focus. I stopped thinking about how to get rid of my issues and I started having a little bit of faith. I realised that it had nothing to do with me and how I can control myself.

As I began to let go of the control, my life started to get better, I became joyful.

Seen as we can’t control this virus or what will happen to us relating to the governments decisions. Why not give up all control of yourself and maybe some of the things you are struggling with, give it to God and see your life completely transform. Maybe it sounds ridiculous. If you don’t choose to seek then carry on trying to control your happiness and carry on having problems with trust and anxiety. It’s your choice!

Let praise be a weapon that conquers ALL anxiety” ‘We praise you’- Matt Redman

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